The innovative direct drive gearbox and guard system utilizes a portion of the back of the blade for significantly more vertical cutting capacity when cutting baseboard and nested crown molding. In addition, the direct drive gear box has no belts to slip or replace, so power is transferred more efficiently from the motor to the blade. The patented 4-steel rail sliding system with 6 linear ball bearings is engineered for minimal deflection for smooth, dead-on cuts for lasting accuracy, job after job. It will also crosscut a 4×12 at 90 degrees. The saw is powered by a 15 AMP direct drive motor with soft start, a key point of difference. Direct drive enables smoother start-ups and consistent, constant power with no belts to slip or replace.

7 Genius Ways to Improve Miter Saw Dust Collection

Originally Posted by dgoodyear View Post A miter saw is a hard one. I have mine on a downdraft table with a cutout that drafts down CFM right behind the saw. The port is hooked up to a vacuum. Small ports that are 2. A shop vac has a higher velocity air stream with less volume and that’s what works best for me coming off a saw blade or router cutter.

Mar 09,  · If you’ve ever used a shop vac to clean up saw dust you know how detrimental it can be to not only the filter but the shop vac itself. This is a simple time lapse video of the process on how I.

Before you start making any buying decisions you should decide which size best suits your needs. We think these are the best miter saws for pros who primarily work out of a shop, and cut a lot of larger stock. They can get through most tasks easily, but they tend to struggle with thicker stock, especially hardwoods. However, inch miters have come a long way in the past few years, and smart compound sliders are increasingly close to being able to cut alongside the inch models.

The latest models have motors which rival the bigger saws, and they have smart design features which mean they achieve nearly the same cutting depths as inchers. We think these are the best choice for anyone working on the go frequently, even pros. We looked at sliding and non-sliding, dual and single bevel models alike.

You can compare all their specific features in our in-depth reviews, and get a sense of the applications each is suited to.

7 Genius Ways to Improve Miter Saw Dust Collection

A dust collector hooked up directly to a machine will perform differently if that machine is installed at the end of a 16′ length of piping. Performance will also be affected by the size of piping you use and the style, number and location of fittings such as elbows, Y-connectors, T-connectors, and blast gates. Several companies provide free duct design guides that can help you lay out your ducting oneida-air. Each machine in your shop will require a certain volume of air to clear the debris it generates and you should ensure that the collector you purchase can accommodate the machine with the greatest CFM requirement refer to the accompanying chart for the CFM requirements of some common shop machines.

If you will be running two machines at the same time, then your system will need to handle the combined CFM requirements of both machines. In our shop we occasionally run the table saw and jointer or thickness planer at the same time, so we need a collector with a minimum CFM rating of CFM for the table saw and for the planer or jointer.

May 22,  · I’m setting up my new shop and want to hook my shop vac to my miter saw. I want one of those devices that I can plug both the miter saw and the shop vac into and it will turn the shop vac on when I switch the miter saw on.

Yes, I know that is a chunk of money but I want quality and not at the green line of tools price. I have purchased a few reconditioned Bosch items in the past and been happy with the results. Now that I have an idea what I want I am off the reading everything I can about that particular model. There are many good reviews and nothing negative. The saw has an option for using like a typical chop saw or switching to cutting wider stock.

Dust collection is good without suction and even better with it. No Laser guide but my old Hitachi did not have one until I added a Laser washer because it was on clearance at Home Depot.

Has Bosch Unseated the Kapex?

Clamp Extension wings If you need to cut substantial workpieces on a regular basis, a inch miter saw is worth its weight in gold. With its heavy-duty amp motor and engineered to an extremely high standard, the Kobalt is equally at home in the workshop or out on the job site. You can miter from 0 to 50 degrees to the left and from 0 to 60 degrees to the right.

A neat lock lets you flick between angles without too much tinkering around.

Make this simple miter saw dust hood and hook it up to your shop vac or dust collector to keep everything clean! Welcome back to Workshop Wednesday! You can see all the posts in the series here.

In my opinion most tool manufacturers treat dust collection as an afterthought, and do not design the tools to provide adequate removal of dust and debris. To put it simply, the ports are generally too small and poorly positioned, thereby leaving most of the microscopic dust particles hanging in the air where our lungs become the dust collection system. Therefore, if we want to take full advantage of our powerful dust collection system and optimized ductwork, we need to give some extra effort in the final connection to our tools.

This means modifying or replacing the dust ports on some tools, and creating a dust capture mechanism from scratch in other cases. Be judicious here and your efforts will be rewarded with clean air. If you take the easy route and just accept what the tool manufacturer provides for dust collection, you may have regrets. You can use these ideas as a starting point, and come up with some great ideas of your own to maximize the dust captured at each tool.

I have seen several different approaches, but I like this one because it is simple, cheap, sturdy and works well with PVC couplers that I use as quick disconnects at the end of flexible tubing. So, you will have to make your own ports, and in some cases, cut holes in your tools to accommodate the port. That port allows massive air movement, and allows my dust collector to pull everything that is not securely attached to the tool. Set the PVC in the hole and caulk it on the outside.

Tool hookup examples from my shop. In this section I will share some examples of dust extraction at a few tools in my shop to give you some ideas.

miter saw dust hood

This will be attached to the back of my miter saw stand. You can find my tutorial for building your own miter saw stand here. Cut out a hole for the dust funnel with a jigsaw, and test the fit. I wanted the tent to rest at an angle, to allow the sawdust to fall into the dust funnel in the middle. I clamped the platform to the edge of my workbench and placed the tent on top.

Stock up Shop. Shop All Food. Shop Miter Saw Blades. Showing 40 of results that match your query. Search Product Result. Product – SBW /2-Inch 60 Tooth Negative Hook Finishing ATB Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor for Sliding Miter Saws, Thin .

Central North East Texas Gender: October 24, , I looked hard at the Hitachi and Bosch and ruled out quite a few others early on. The DeWalt never caught my eye at all but I am anti-dewalt and quite biased against them. The Makita was rated higher by most users and Editors review at the time I bought it, but that doesn’t always chose for me so I did alot of comparisons. It has a ball bearing type slide mechanism that none of the others have and slides w-a-y easier than the other brands.

Pinky finger easy and smooth. Unless you compare the others against it you will not know what you are missing. The blade that comes with the Makita is far superior to all the other saws stock blades and this was noted in every review because the difference was so drastic. Again, until you use it you won’t really appreciate it either I didn’t.

In fact, somewhere on the forum I posted a picture of the saw where I cut into the fence one of the few design flaws on the saw , way into the fence, and the blade still does not leave any tearout when crosscutting. Sounds like a fish story I know. I would have thought it would’ve knocked out a few teeth and dulled the others to the point of trashing the blade but it went through the aluminum fence like butter and still cuts like new.

Ryobi Cordless Shop Vac Review P770

I knew that the duct work and blast gates, etc. Also, once you put in your dust collection system, you pretty much fix where your tools are going to go and I wanted to make sure I was happy with the set up of the shop. Anyway, I finally decided it was time to get cracking so I bought the duct work, fittings, blast gates, and hose and got going. I used 6″ PVC for the main runs but I go down to 4″ to connect the tools.

I used air conditioning strapping to strap the ducts up against the ceiling.

This adaptor connects the center section of an Elu or Dewalt miter saw to a shop vac or dust collector system. It fits to hoses with 32mm inner diameter. This is an adapter designed to allow you to hook up a 2″ shop vac hose to the rectangular dust port on a Harbor Freight (Chicago Electric) 3 x 21 Heavy Duty Belt Sander (item #

Miter saw challenge By davideaket , member Nov 21, Photo shows router table to left and miter saw to right. Router table has door to provide chamber to collect the chips. Also, on left is hookup for 4″ vacuum to chamber and router table fence. Hose for router table fence attached to port on back of fence and to the 4″ vacuum hook-up. Recently I purhased a Festool mitre saw and vacuum. From that i designed a combination router table and mitre saw stand.

The design was done with Visio. The project was built using Baltic birch plywood for both the frame and the external pieces. The router design includes: Includes fence of router table. In the end, i know this is not exactly what you are looking for as it also includes an integrated router table.

Technical Details

The promise of the Ryobi P is to cut the cord without a loss of performance. That sounds great on paper, but can it deliver? It tackles thresholds really well, too. Anyway, there are four elastic attachment points that you can use. The two points on the right are connected as are the left side points. If you pull one to lengthen it, its corresponding cord will shorten.

This RIDGID vacuum attachment allows you to connect power tools to a wet/dry vacuum. This vac accessory fits all RIDGID vacs with a /2 in. Dia hose and a variety of power tools such most bench-top, power tool and dust collection ports/5().

The problem I have is that I forget to turn the vac on before using the miter saw. The switch units recommended above all seem to hold the vac on for some seconds after you release the switch on the miter saw. I’m open to any reasonable solution but this one still seems to make sense to me. The motors in those shop vacs are regular universal motors so they should stand up to frequent starts without much problem induction motors have more problems with frequent starts. But even it the motor fails, shop vacs go on sale on a regular basis so if this one fails in a year or so, I can buy another pretty cheaply.

I’ll probably do the same setup for my sander, with a smaller shop vac. But if anyone has a better idea, I’d like to hear it. Mike I forgot, some of those switches have a fixed or adjustable delay-on-off. Cycling the vac motor probably won’t be an issue, but I would read the specs on the auto-switch carefully. It probably has a cycle limit to keep the relay if it has one from overheating or prevent premature wear on the contacts.

Two other related issues to think about. First, check to see what effect the auto-switch has on the blade brake- it may not work.

Miter saw dust collection

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